Sunday, September 2, 2012

Accept our challenge:
No sodas in the school week!
Dr. Stephen J. Pont, pediatrician,
  can be contacted via Twitter @DrStephenPont, or visit :
-Obesity is a terrible affliction for too many families in Austin. There are many things we can do in the fight against obesity and one of the most important and simple is to drink fewer sodas or other sugar-sweetened drinks. I am the Austin Independent School District Medical Director, and the father of two AISD students. We’re not drinking soda during the school week in my family and I urge you to do the same in yours.
Join us and enjoy fresh water and juice.
Favian Montemayor and Frances Acuña only drink sodas on special occasions.
It was hard at first, but now they’re content. On Sunday after play time the family enjoys watermelon juice
Adapting to life without soda is no problem for little Ricardo. Plain water and treats like
watermelon and cucumber juice are OK with him.
Favian Jr and his little brother are glad to accept Dr. Pont’s challenge:
 “It’s easy to say no to sodas!”

No sodas for us!
Rosemary and Jessica McKnight don’t just sit around watching
TV… for daughter it’s Wii Dance Revolution… for mother
it’s off to workouts at her weight loss boot camp! Later they
enjoy fresh water. Sodas are for special occasions only.
Rosemary decided to lose weight and make big changes in her life. She and Jessica gave up sodas every day and switched to water, sometimes with an orange blended in and NO ADDED SUGAR. Low cost and healthy! Jessica: If someone offers me a soda I say…
“No soda, thank you!”
“I like her orange water better!"



Researchers in San Antonio believe diet sodas may be as bad or worse than sugared soda. Over 9 years, they found that the waist-lines of people who drank 2 or more diet sodas per day grew 5 times faster than those who drank none. 
-ScienceDaily, 6-28-2011
Join the challenge:
No sodas during the school week!

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